About Us

Pregnancy Counselling Australia is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to equipping and empowering women and their partners to make informed decisions regarding their pregnancies. Over the years, we have been privileged to provide professional telephone counselling, information and referral to thousands of people across Australia.

Many of our callers have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to speak confidentially with a caring counsellor about their unplanned pregnancy. Callers have affirmed that the counselling has assisted their process of sifting through various conflicting thoughts and emotions. During and after counselling, many callers have reported feeling less overwhelmed and more empowered to make a considered decision when confronted with an unexpected pregnancy.

Our service is free of charge as we believe everyone facing an unplanned pregnancy should have ready access to a listening ear and someone to talk to as they navigate their own personal situation. We understand every caller has a unique set of circumstances. Our counsellors support callers to explore their situation so they can move forward and make a decision that aligns with their personal values and hopes for the future.

Frequently when dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, women – and men – feel rushed towards making a choice. Rather than making a permanent decision in a hurry, we provide the space and understanding to help callers to slow down, evaluate and reflect so they can approach this life-altering decision with due diligence.

Call us on 1300 737 732